Falling apart..

We write, write about surrenders, about blames. I never knew about silence or words. And then you came to give me a reason to write.
Give me a chance to be a stranger again, a chance, in which I will never make a mistake again and we will never fall apart.Every time I had a reason of hating you, I had one of loving you, and I loved you more.You are at once both the calm and the chaos of my stormy mind, I shut my eyes and all the things vanish away until there’s only you.
I don’t know what I’m searching for, but whatever this is, it’s not enough.You sometimes think all you need is love while all you need is someone to teach you how to fall in love with the chaotic world inside you. somedays I am caged within, I try so hard to escape the thoughts that consume me, I feel trapped in myself barely alive, barely awake.How much will you endure silently before you break??

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